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A must read for anyone who wants to find out what social media can do for their business.

A range of analysis and planning options to help you reach your social media goals.

Social Media Expert?

I ONLY work in social media and that’s why I’m an expert. I'm a best selling social media author, experienced social media speaker and a social media consultant with many years experience of digital marketing. Because I’ve worked in social media since its earliest days there’s very little that I haven’t seen and done. This expertise is applied to all of my clients large and small - from advanced analytics and ROI measurement to crisis and reputation management from planning and staff resourcing to training and inspiration I have unparalleled experience and track record in the social media world.

“Social media won’t really work for my business because my customers aren’t there”

Wrong! Social Media will work for almost every business.

  • Facebook 50%
  • Twitter 22%
  • Google+ 42%
  • LinkedIn 11.6%
  • YouTube 29%
This chart shows the percentage of internet users globally on each of the social networks (May 2013), this is based on a global internet population of 2.4 billion.

Of those, America and Europe have a significantly higher penetration than elsewhere.

Clearly this is a fairly compelling reason for your business to wholeheartedly embrace social media as part of your marketing.


...if you want to get the best from social media you need to not only plan but measure the results you get. This plan-measure-review process is vital to success in the social media space as is it in so much of business. How to measure, review and analyse is one of the key areas where an social media expert can help you gain a competitive advantage.


These days it’s important to understand how people behave when exposed to your marketing messages.


This often isn’t the way you expect, which is why measurement and analysis is so important.

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Why Social Media?

I’ve yet to come across a business that couldn’t benefit from using social media as part of the marketing strategy, but is there an element of risk?

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“… I was blown away by his breadth of industry knowledge, the straight talking delivery and collaborative format. A highly recommended social media expert and thought leader…”

—Andy de Sallis - Marketing Director


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Brilliant Social Media

Published by Pearson in 2013, Brilliant Social Media is the definitive informative guide to setting-up and running social media within your business.

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