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I seem to spend much of my time with clients ‘selling’ them the idea of using Facebook as part of their corporate marketing strategy. The numbers make a truly compelling argument.

The charts that I have added (courtesy of Hubspot) are US data rather than UK (or global) however, the US is a pretty good barometer for what’s happening in the UK and indeed all western cultures.







Firstly “my customers aren’t on Facebook” – clearly if they’re online, then they are (or 93% of them are).








So, not only is “everyone” using Facebook, they’re spending some serious time on there. If you think about how long the average visit to your own website is, then think about how long you spend online, this is a pretty shocking statistic.








Facebook is now THE way that people log in to their social media world.








Facebook is now second only to email as the way that people choose to share content with others.

But, despite this continuing sales pitch, there seems to be a real reluctance in the B2B marketplace to use FB as a primary tool to engage prospects.

I myself have been a bit guilty of this (a case of the cobbler’s children going unshod) but now I have started to develop my own Adam Gray Social Media Facebook page (at ) and am playing with various apps and additional tabs to see what I can (and can’t) do.

I guess though that the point of this post was to say, with 750,000,000 ACTIVE subscribers, brands ignore FB at their peril.