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I don’t know about you, but when I look at my “All Updates” stream on LinkedIn it seems to be split 50/50 between people who add value, and those who…well, talk s^%t.

The thing about LinkedIn and in fact social media as a whole is that it’s a world where you can form new friendships, strengthen old friendships and have conversations. Sadly though many people seem to think that whilst they don’t listen to what anyone else is saying, everyone will be listening to them. I dread to think what they must be like as a party guest!

I know some people that have got many thousands of connections but I don’t really see how this can work for them – I assume either that they spend hours every day looking at their network or they just don’t listen to what anyone else ever says…I mean, how could they?

Anyway I’ve started going through deleting the ‘broadcasters’ or at least some of them from my connections and with a bit of luck, my life!

My aim is to get down to a manageable number of connections (750-1000) that I can have a meaningful and fruitful relationship with…well, that’s the plan anyway!