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As you all know…I am an Apple fan…G3s, G4s, G5s, iMacs, Macbooks, iPhones and an iPad…but the other day I bought (or do I mean iBought) a Blackberry Playbook – mostly because it’s small and loads of places seem to be selling them for £169.

I got it home, unboxed it and fell in love with the rubberised little chap…except for the truly awful and clunky OS. Nobody in their right mind would ever buy this in preference to an iPad, and despite the fact that it’s under half the price it only offers 1/4 the value!

However, yesterday I updated the software to OS2 and to say that it has transformed the Playbook is an understatement. Now with native email and calendar apps you can start to see just what a great little tool this is.

Email (always Blackberry’s strong suit) shows most desktop computers a clean pair of heels let alone phones & tablets. It’s fast, handily sized, beautifully made…and cheap too!

Is it an iPad eater…no, but at well under half the price it doesn’t need to be, it does however eat any other sub £300 tablet for breakfast.

So if you fancy one of these you’d better get a move on as the next shipment to your local store won’t be £169!