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I love Tony Robbins. Well, perhaps that’s a bit strong. But I do really respect him. He is perhaps the greatest self-help guru in the world and a man that I think is a genuinely good guy. I’ve been to a couple of his sessions and for a whole day he had me eating out of the palm of his hand. I was sold. Right up ‘till he tried to sell.

In social media we use the internet for what it is meant for. Sharing information. Spreading ideas. Giving knowledge to others. I believe that it is vital that you let the internet do what it does best. Spread ideas. Use your technical knowledge to help people, to educate them – share your wisdom.

But when you’re getting to the point that you thinking you should put-on your marketing hat…think again. When you have your audience eating out of your hand don’t sell. DON’T SELL. Or like Tony Robbins you will instantly reposition yourself from expert to salesman and the trust that you have worked so hard to develop will be lost.