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People buy from people, we all know that. However, once we have built up trust with clients, suppliers and partners we often advice on things outside of our key specialisms. I don’t mean that we give advice that we’re not qualified to give, but we all have our pet preferred suppliers…individuals or companies that have really impressed us. And, invariably we share this ‘thrill’ of having found an outstanding supplier with our clients. So, why should this be of interest to you? Well, much of my time as a social media speaker is spent talking about how social media is a great tool for supercharging this ‘best buddy’ relationship.

Obviously (and although it goes without saying, I’ll say it anyway) the first thing is that for this to work you have to be good at what you do. Secondly, you have to be credible. Thirdly, you have to be believable and able to represent yourself appropriately – but because you’re an expert, of course all oft those things are true.

The way that you’re clients and acquaintances recommend you to others is brilliant, but it is often hard for them to do so. Not because they have their doubts, but because they don’t have a ready vehicle for doing so. They don’t have a ‘one click’ referral machine – or rather they didn’t – but now with social media they do. And of you play your cards right they could be pinging-off referrals and introductions like a machine gun! All you need to do is teach them how.

Give it some thought and it should all become clear.