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Up until April I had a lovely website…so why change?

In short…pay-back!

Well, people come and visit my site and (I hope) read the content on it from time to time. I get about 650 unique visitors each month, each one spending about 6 minutes on the site (on average) and viewing 4-6 pages. That means that every month visitors are committing 65 hours reading the stuff that I write. This means that if each of my visitors charges £100/hour for what they do my site is costing the UK £6.5k every month – or £78k/year (and increasing too)

As this is the case I figured that I should from time to time redesign the site so that they can not only read something fresh, but see something fresh as well.

Assuming that you have a similar traffic (and stickiness) on your site…of course it may be much higher, do you not think that you should invest in your visitors from time to time to pay them back for their commitment?

I know that for some businesses budgets for this type of thing may be a bit tight, but these days you can have a good site designed and built for a lot less than you may think. And if you’re not getting a reasonable amount of views on the site…this may be the reason why!