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For many businesses social media is becoming a must do activity, but for many they’re not quite sure why!

Often social media is viewed as a cheap advertising channel (which of course it can be if you’re careful) but it can be so much more.

Social media can help with;

  • sales (both tactical and strategic)
  • customer acquisition
  • identifying champions and advocates
  • determining your net promotor score
  • customer care
  • customer support
  • new product development
  • brand promotion
  • staff retention
  • competitor research

The list goes on and on. In fact it’s probably just cleaning and canteen services that it doesn’t help!

So why do so many users not fully engage with the possibilities?

For many businesses I guess that the problem is that they don’t have either the expertise in house to operate social media properly or there is no internal champion who is prepared to stick-out their neck and really go for it. It seems like a terribly missed opportunity though. Using social media to do many of these tasks will deliver an immediacy and ease which is unprecedented AND will offer huge cost savings.

So, if you’d like to talk a bit about the big picture, why not get in touch to use me as your social media consultant.