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Being found and being recommended.

Being recommended is all about social media. Social media leverages the power of third party recommendations because your happy customers will find it easier than ever before to share their good experiences of working with you…and because it’s easy, there’s so much more of a chance that they will. To talk about this, why not speak to me about social media consultancy and advice.

If though what you want is to be found…then there are two ways to achieve this. Adwords and SEO.

AdWords is pretty straightforward, you bid for words or phrases and your ad is shown by Google in the bar on the right (or across the top if you’re lucky) and if someone clicks the ad then you get a visitor to your website (and a bill from Google). Simple as that right…WRONG.

If you are a rank amateur you may pay as much as 10 times the cost per click as if you know what you’re doing. So, the cost of getting visitors to your site is directly proportional to how good you are at AdWords (or how good your AdWords agency is).

Certainly my experience is (and everyone else’s that has had the pleasure of working with them) that you cannot do better than using My Mustard. So to have a chat about AdWords I strongly suggest you give them a call. Last time I used them for a campaign I paid under half the cost per click I was able to achieve myself and I was on the first page of search results within 15 minutes…really!

SEO is an altogether more complex subject right…WRONG (again). I have recently started working with a company that’s run by (according to people who know) one of the UK’s top SEO experts. In fact as far as I can see EVERY single client of theirs seems to be on the first page of Google results so the proof of the pudding and all that. Anyway, since working with Distinctly I have moved-up over 400 places in the Google rankings in 9 days…if this happens in the next 9 days I shall be at the top of the results before you’ve even searched!

So once again another strong recommendation.

If you were to use both of these companies side by side you would be as visible to your prospective clients as it was possible to be…then all you need is a good social media strategy to convert all these visits to customers! 😉