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Last Friday the SEO company iAcquire got itself delisted for supposedly trying to spiv the system. Companies that specialise in offering SEO services should know better than trying to cheat the system, and now iAcquire is totally invisible – which is of course not good news for an SEO agency!

But this should perhaps be a warning to everyone who relies (or is trying to rely) on Google driving traffic to their site. SEO is about producing relevant content so that Google can place the most appropriate links in front of the people who are searching. The incredibly complex algorithm that Google have developed takes many factors in to account when deciding if you appear on the first page or the 20th of the results.

One of which is how many links point at your page. Clearly this is open to abuse as you can troll around the internet putting links all over the place, but when you start to do this in a commercial way, bulk buying links Google may well find-out and then you might find yourself in the same boat as iAcquite. There are only two ways to get to the top in the Google rankings – do it well…or get Tom to do it well for you!