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You know, I’m sick of hearing comments about how Google is abusing its position as the largest search engine and how Facebook wants to use your personal photos and name in its marketing. At least once each month I get a posting on Facebook from one of my friends saying how to change my security settings to STOP Facebook from being able to abuse its position like this…

Well, I’m sick of it.

Google is the biggest search engine, they have 80+% of the global search market and they make a fortune. Facebook is the largest social network on the planet and they too make a fortune…good luck to them. We use these resources every day, we search for answers, we message our friends, we talk on Skype…and we do it all for free.

People have somehow arrived at a position where they believe that these businesses are providing a service which a) it is a fundamental right that they have access to, and b) that somehow these companies are philanthropic institutions rather than businesses.


To the best of my knowledge there have been no cases globally of Mark Zuckerberg or Larry Page going round suburban homes forcing people to sign-up to their free services…have you ever heard of such a thing? No, of course not.

Nobody MAKES you choose Facebook, Google, Skype, Twitter, LinkedIn…or any of the other FREE services you enjoy. You make the decision yourself. You subscribe to Spotify (for free), listen to music (for free) and then moan that your enjoyment is being interrupted by adverts!

So why do these companies provide these products and services at huge cost to their businesses and no cost to you? Because they hope at some point to make a little bit of money out of a lot of people.

And good luck to them. The people who are moaning about these “infringements” should, if it bothers them, simply leave these services behind and BUY a similar product with their own money.

Sadly, social media, whilst offering great opportunities for individuals, businesses and indeed humanity, is also creating a global network of freeloaders who not only refuse to allow their hosts to make a buck out of them…they moan about these companies even trying!