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I’m a social media man. I love it and I think it’s the most effective of the digital marketing channels there is, but it’s seldom an end to end solution and, I fear, many businesses get little or no concrete benefit from investing their time in it…let me explain.

These days the website is the centre of most business’s marketing. Most marketing activities have the main goal of driving traffic to the website.

Some of these activities drive people there cold, by which I mean with no knowledge/expectation/understanding of what they’re going to see – SEO, Adwords or advertising. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not criticising any of these channels as they’re all very effective if used properly however you must agree that if I click a PPC ad or find you in search results me clicking the link may very well be the first time I’ve had any interaction with your brand.

Some channels are harder work, but more effective as they drive traffic there is some expectation such as Social Media, Face to face networking or perhaps events – with each of these I’ll go to the website already potentially knowing, trusting or liking your brand.

So with each of these channels you have to make the decision about whether you need a few visitors who love you or loads of visitors who don’t know you from Adam (ha ha).

But once they arrive, what then?

Hopefully you’ve got Google Analytics (or similar on your site) so you’ll know how many unique visitors you have each week/month year…does this bear any relationship to how many emails you get from the site? Let’s assume you have 1000 unique visitors per month, how often do you get an email saying “I visited your website and I’d like you to quote for a job please”?

I bet the answer is never! (or hardly ever)

Clearly you need to change this. Your website needs to be a salesman for you business…not a brochure. Interestingly the answer isn’t better design, imagery, branding or copywriting, the problem is more fundamental and the problem is that you possibly haven’t really identified what your website is their to do!