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What’s going wrong with your wesbsite?

 – Do you know what the purpose of your website is? yes/no

 – Is your website doing a good job for your business? yes/no

 – Are you happy with the amount of traffic that your website gets? yes/no

I should imagine that most people would answer yes, yes and no to these three questions, but in fact the true answer for most businesses is no, no and yes!

Most businesses would explain their answer to question one by saying “our website allows people we’ve met to come and check us out”, or “our website acts like a brochure online for our business” – neither of these comments are reasonable things to say though, because your website (in most cases) will meet far more people during the course of a month than you will. So if it merely reinforces an opinion that your new contacts have already made, you’re missing a trick. The truth is that the job of your website is to SELL. Perhaps not handle the transaction like Amazon does, but nonetheless it needs to sell – sell the idea that you’re an expert, sell the idea of registering for downloads, sell the idea that you are the supplier they should be using…but sell it must.

Is your website doing a good job? No, of course not. You will probably have given loads of thought to how it looks and the words you use, but have you thought about how visitors flow around the site? Have you mapped-out their journey from entry to conclusion? Probably not.

All you need to do is look at your analytics and see how long people spend on the site and how many pages they view…not many. And the acid test is, from your 1000 unique visitors per month how many email or pick-up the phone to you?

As I suspected, it’s not working very well!

Finally, is it getting enough traffic? Very possibly the real answer is yes. If you get 1000 visitors a month but the phone doesn’t ring the problem isn’t the number of visitors but the story that you’re telling them. Are the arriving at the undeniable conclusion that YOU ARE THE ONE that they should be using…clearly not.

I suspect that this is one of the biggest gains that a business can achieve with their marketing – not wasting the opportunities that they have.