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Have you heard of FAB? No? You will soon.

FAB “everyday design” is a website that sells really funky designer products at (for the most part) inexpensive prices.

I remember when I was first married, we had terrible trouble buying anything cool. There were one or two ‘designer’ shops in Tottenham Court Road in London selling imported things at inflated prices but often we had to source the products ourselves, either importing from Italy/Spain/France or picking them up if we happened to be visiting one of these places.

Well, that was a long time ago (about 15 years) and since then there are many more places where this sort of stuff can be sourced…but it still for the most part requires a little bit of ferreting around to get new interesting stuff.

Sorry, I digress.

The reason that FAB is an interesting site (aside from the designer goods) is that it is ‘socially powered’. At every opportunity they seem to give you the chance to connect this to one of your social networks – Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter – and share whatever it is you’ve bought or like.

They have really thought about ‘social integration’ in a way that no other website has managed to achieve. And there’s certainly a lesson for every business large and small to learn from this – give your customers the opportunity to share what they like…and they might just do it.

With advertising being believed by only 15% of people, but recommendations by friends being believed by 72% it’s not surprising that this is a hugely effective way to promote your business.

And the results? Well, they speak for themselves. FAB is the fastest growing business of all time, outstripping even Facebook and Google in terms of customer acquisition.

So, if you’re rebuilding or updating your website see what FAB has done and think about how you can learn from their success.