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Mailbox – still drip feeding this service to people on a first-come first-served basis. Promises to be a brilliant way of managing your inbox based on reading/deleting/dealing with later. Looks like a lovely simple elegant interface too.





Dropbox – if you’re a dropbox user from your Mac/PC then this app is brilliant because it give you the chance to mail any document within the Dropbox folder on your computer to someone whilst you’re out and about. Simple to use and really handy if you forget to pack that memory stick when you go to an important meeting.


Vine – a 6 second video clip which you compile from a series of smaller clips that you shoot on the fly. Great fun, might have you laughing out loud on the train.





Moleskine – if like me you’re an old fashioned sort of chap and miss the days of using the Hemingway elastic closure notebook in this digital age, then this app is lovely. We just need to wait for Montblanc to produce a stylus now!




Vouchercloud – well, with offers for loads of restaurants and shops…why wouldn’t you. 2 for 1, 25% off, kids eat free…in these recessionary times everyone should be using Vouchercloud to save a few £’s





HulloMail – if you’ve never been on o2 as your network you might not be aware of “Visual Voicemail”. It enables you to see who’s left messages and save/delete/replay in any order from a lovely simple interface. Only o2 support visual voicemail natively, but HulloMail offers additional functions such as personalised messages for each caller and notifications of missed calls (even when your phone is off or out of coverage)




Skobbler – open source SatNav that knocks the others in to a cocked hat. Simply brilliant. Really reliable and a lovely interface…a very annoying voice though!





Apple Remote – if you have a mac and do a presentation then this app if brilliant click through the slides whilst having a mini version of your presentation in your hand. Means you can dispense with that old fashioned clicker too!





Evernote – the king of note-taking apps. Syncs with your desktop and table too.





Sleeptalk – records what you say in your sleep during the night. Great for proving that you don’t snore…or that your partner does!





So there you have it. My top 10 apps that you might not have come across yet. Not the best apps for iPhone but some great hidden ones.