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As we see Facebook starts to roll-out Graphsearch across its one billion members the benefits of contextual search will become more obvious to everyone.

Since Google ‘invented’ search as we know it today, results have been ranked according to a predetermined series of criteria. These criteria change from time to time in order to keep everyone on their toes, but fundamentally those results are what they are. They are the same for everyone.

Surely that’s not how life works though is it? Surely, the things I like, the people I know and the places I’ve been all effect my preferences as opposed to yours? If they do, then surely search results for me should be different from search results of you?

Well, Facebook Graph Search promises to do just this. Personalised search results based on YOUR network and your preferences rather than someone else’s (Google generally).

With over one billion members who use and love Facebook this may very well become their primary search tool. So, the thing you’re going to need to consider as a result of this is “is my network big enough and engaged enough”? If lots of people start to use Facebook as their primary search engine, the visibility of you (and your business) may largely be governed by how big and engaged your network is.