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Since Russell Brand had his rant with Jeremy Paxman the other week it seems that more and more examples are coming out of the woodwork which substantiate his viewpoint.

We have Nestle draining groundwater in Pakistan to produce mineral water…which they then sell to the villages from which they’ve stolen it , we’ve had Bayer suing the EU for banning their insecticides which are killing bees , we’ve had Cancer Research UK rub our noses in the marketing policies of the tobacco companies, we’ve been reminded that the Greenpeace “Arctic 30” are still behind bars in Russia (54 days now) after protesting about oil drilling and pollution and that in 41 (out of a total 53) commonwealth countries it is illegal to be homosexual.

This catalogue of horrors just seems to be getting longer every time I engage with any sort of news stream.

I am nauseated by it all.

Once upon a time people did good things, things they could be proud of, because they “thought it was the right thing.” Now, it would seem, that very few people have any sort of moral compass.

We have a government which is unable, or unwilling, to do anything which addresses any of the fundamental issues facing mankind or our society (not that there’s any sensible other option sadly).

The world seems to be run by corporate lawyers who talk about such things as how “forcing people to recycle bottles is an infringement of their human rights” (like Coca Cola did in Australia) and the politicians (who are supposed to be setting a framework inside which corporates CANNOT run amok) are to cowardly to stand up for the very people that voted them in and are paying their inflated salaries.