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idiotWhen I first launched my own business I did many of the usual things – website, networking, guest blogging, partnerships etc. But it was networking that amazed me. As I joined more groups and met more people one thing started to become obvious…most of them weren’t very good at what they did.

Amazingly though, sometimes in spite of not being particularly good some of these people seemed to have created hoards of raving fans.

For years this had irked me until the other day I had a bit of an epiphany.

If a business isn’t doing something they should be doing (or are doing it, but not doing it very well) and they engage the services of one of these self proclaimed “gurus” who teaches them to do it only slightly better…things have improved.

And business success is built on improvement.

Take accountants, some are brilliant, some are OK, and some aren’t very good…but for mosts businesses even pick a “not very good” accountant is better then try to do the tax returns yourself.

So I’m pleased to announce…that I’m over it. Even a mediocre social media consultant is probably better then not getting any advice at all!