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I am very militant about this. There are many who seek to develop integrated Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter (and Snapchat and Instagram) strategies. These strategies include posting and interacting and they include an element of PPC as well.

PPC is NOT social media. It’s advertising. Yes, it’s advertising on social platforms, but it is still advertising and I have a real problem with this…let me explain why.

If you take Facebook for example, they know pretty much everything about their users, and they allow their advertisers to plug in to this knowledge so that they can create micro niches they can target. The more niched these groups are, the higher the yield usually is.

For example, a banner ad saying “hello, are you a man?” wouldn’t interest me particularly, but “hello, are you fat, bald, middle-aged man?” would be so targeted that I wouldn’t be able to help myself but click it.

The problem with this exponentially higher yield is that it encourages bad behaviour from brands. I mean this in the nicest possible way. It encourages brands to advertise to their audience rather than to engage with them and win their trust…and this is a retrograde step if you ask me.

The thing about social media is that it is a platform for conversations, unlike all other marketing channels, social allows brands to get together with their prospects and chat. It allows brands to gain massive benefit from the good feeling they generate by good interactions with their customers.

Advertising does not of course do this. Advertising interrupts people. Advertising is lead by your brand cramming my time and vision (and if you’re good, my MIND) with your messages rather than letting me see what I want.

You know this is true because nobody ever switches on the TV for the adverts…they go to the toilet or make a cup of tea when the adverts are on.

So, the question you need to ask yourself is…do you want to create long lasting friendships (and I mean friendships) with your clients? DO you want them to come back again and again to buy from you, do you want them to tell all of their friends how great you are?

Or do you want to flog sell the something they don’t really need at the moment and never see them again?