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Less of a blog, and more of a thought for the day really!

Tim Hughes, the co-founder of Digital Leadership Associates wrote a book last year about social selling and a funny thing happened which highlights what you may…or may not take for granted.

Once the book was pretty much written he gave it to a proof reader. This proof reader, who was very skilled at his job, went through and corrected every instance of “guerrilla” marketing (meaning stealth, under the radar, cheeky) to “gorilla” marketing…meaning…well, I don’t even want to imagine!

Anyway, guerrilla marketing used to be turning up at someone else’s exhibition with a pull up batter and some leaflets and acting like you should be there until security throw you out, and anyone who has been in marketing would be familiar with this term and may even have done it earlier in their career. But anyone who hasn’t been in marketing…it would appear not so.

Which brings me to how you talk about your brand. I know that I am guilty of this too. Once we work within an environment for a while terms like (for marketing) KPI, CTR, SEO, impacts are all terms that we use every day and are so much quicker at getting our point over to our peers. And because we no longer have “search engine optimisation” in our lexicon we assume that everyone we work with, report to and sell to have has same degree of “sophistication.”

Well, they don’t!

The problem is, and I have had this proven many times over the years, that something which is simple to me isn’t necessarily simple to everyone else, and when we talk in this way it makes us very “exclusive” rather than “inclusive” which is the last thing we want when we’re talking to people either face to face or via email, letter or website.

So, before you send that email, or upload that blog…ask yourself this. Would my 7 year old nephew (or even a gorilla) understand what I’ve just said. If the answer is “probably not” you may have a problem and you might want to rethink what you’ve said.