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Social media is a bit of a paradox. Everyone knows how it works…but you’d never guess it of you looked at how most companies run their social presences. Social selling…even more so!

We recently ran a two day training session for a small technical consulting company who want to use social selling to raise their profile and generate more leads. It was an interesting journey for them and, ironically, for us too.

As is always they way some people are genuinely excited about the chance of letting the social world do a lot of their prospecting for them. And some are not so eager. In fact in this instance some of the attendees were not only “not excited” one of them was positively obstructive and challenging. Nonetheless, we tried to take them on the journey.

It’s funny, that most groups of 10 people or so have the full gamut of abilities from struggling to rockstar – often it’s not who you think it’s going to be. Anyway, one of the people there immediately “got it”, they understood what the possibility could be and they were clearing thinking about how they could articulate what hey wanted to say.

Now, it’s worth saying that “social selling” IS NOT LinkedIn. LinkedIn is part of it and if I’m honest, it’s a major part, but social selling is so much more. Social selling is a behavioural change. Social selling is about becoming famous for certain things so that people come to you.

So, when it was time for this person to write their LinkedIn profile they wrote something which was simply amazing. The headline was punchy and intriguing and arresting, but the summary was sublime. It was a work of genius. I haven’t seen one better…in fact there was a certain jealousy as I wish it had been mine!

So, when the person who didn’t want to know about social saw the effect that this brilliant profile was having almost the moment it was uploaded their facade started to crack and they became more interested. Then, after a short period of time this person approached Tim, shook him warmly by the hand and said “I cannot believe how I missed the importance of this, you have changed my per option and I think the direction of my career”!

Needless to say, Tim and I were delighted because that is exactly why we do what we do.