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Social Media Adviser

Expert knowledge and insight are only part of what you buy when selecting a social media consultant.

I work with companies that want to make social media an integral part of their marketing and communications strategy, built-in rather than bolt-on. I’ll help you plan, implement and develop a social media presence that doesn’t just deliver retweets and comments, but delivers sales and visibility in the marketplace because, in business, the reason for investing your time and effort in social media is not just to make friends, but to make money.

There are a lot of people offering their services as a social media consultant, but most don’t have the experience to be able to really advise businesses on what they should be doing. Merely having lots of Facebook friends or sending a few Tweets does not make you qualified to be a social media consultant. I’m different because I understand the social media world based on having worked in marketing for over 20 years from having socialised in social media for nearly a decade. My experience and track record as a social media consultant and my track record in this area is why I was approached by Pearson (the world’s largest publisher) to write their first business book about social media.

My understanding of the science of social media puts me in a unique position;

  • social network analysis
  • ROI (return on investment) measurement
  • social profile analysis

are just some of the key areas where I can bring expertise to your social media presence that ensures you will be as successful as it is possible to be. Once the strategy has been agreed and planned I can work with you create a safety-net of guidelines, policies and crisis plans to ensure that everyone know what they’re doing and that the risks have been assessed and minimised. I can then train your key staff to implement the plan and monitor the results. If you would like to have a conversation about how I might be able to advise you, or perhaps you just need a second opinion regarding your existing social media consultant, I’m always happy to have a chat. Adam Gray – Social Media Consultant.

For training to learn how to run social media effectively for yourself have a look at the Social Media Trainer section