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Social Media Services

Strategic planning – what with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & YouTube (amongst others) all to be set-up, then the ongoing commitment of running them all. Then on top of that measuring and improving what you do as well. It can be a very daunting prospect. That’s probably why so many organisations have a pretty half-hearted attempt at social media. But it is possible to do it, for businesses of all sizes, however, you will need a plan. That’s where I can help. Putting that plan together and

Implementation – it’s all very well having a plan but it’s implementing it that often proves to be hard for businesses. That’s another area where I can help. But not by simply doing the work, but by showing you how to do it so not only can you feel ownership of it, you get experience at the same time.

Mentoring – many companies have eager staff in the marketing department, but often these staff are young and perhaps don’t have the experience of planning campaigns, particularly ones where very fast response times are required. I often work in scenarios like this either as a part-time in-house resource or via telephone support and problem solving.

Training – in addition to running classroom style seminars, I also work in smaller groups or one to one to help key individuals adopt social media in be comfortable being the voice of the business to a global audience.

Advice – some organisations have a plan and they have some expertise in social media too, but what they need in some impartial advice about whether the plan is a good one or not. Perhaps there are pitfalls that they’ve not seen, or they haven’t thought about some potential dangers. Either way, I can be an advisor on such matters.

Coaching – for staff that have some skill (or perhaps are even beginners) and want to extend their knowledge and start to do some clever things with social media. I am happy to share my knowledge.

Research – a new social network or tool? Finding out what competitors are doing well (or badly)? Perhaps identifying the important people already in your network that you should be investing more time in. All of these are areas where I can offer support.

Set-up – sometimes a little bit of support when setting up and connecting networks is needed. Yes you can do it yourself, but sometimes it just isn’t worth your time to do that.

Policy – every organisation needs a social media policy so that staff know what’s expected of them and what they shouldn’t do too. I’ve written literally dozens of these and can help you lull together the important points so that your staff are supported and guided rather than controlled and smothered in their social media efforts.

Risk management – although social media is a great opportunity, silly mistakes can be costly for the brand and the cash-flow. Understanding what the risks are is a key tool to be able to manage those risks. Again, a little bit of pre-planning can save a lot of heartache in the long run.

Benchmarking – it can be a very valuable reality check – benchmarking your performance agains others’ in your industry. But sometimes this can take quite a lot of effort to achieve.

I can help in all of these areas and more. the key thing is that if we work together I will deliver a bespoke solution for you and your business rather than just getting you to pick from a list of things I’ve done before. You may need all of this list, some of this list or none of this list (but other things instead) but each of the things I’ve listed here will prove to be an area you will most likely need to consider.

A good starting point is for you to give me a call or drop me a line here and we can have a chat…I won’t try and sell to you, but I will give you some advice and we can see if we might like to work together.