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Social Media Speaker

Educational, engaging and entertaining are the usual comments that I get from the audience when they come to hear me as a social media speaker.

Too often when you go to hear a speaker they are interested either in selling their associated products or promoting their consultancy services. I however make each talk entertaining and pack it with as many hints and tips as possible as well as dispelling myths around social media, its benefits and its dangers. This seems like more fun for the audience as nobody wants to sit through a 40 minute sales pitch when they’ve paid to be entertained and educated!

Talks typically last 30-40 minutes and have an open Q&A session afterwards when the audience are encouraged to voice their fears, concerns, doubts and stories, but of course if you need something longer (or shorter) that’s no problem.

Usually I stay behind after giving a talk to give one to one help to any members of the audience that have concerns or specific problems on which they’d like some guidance.

If this sounds interesting, or you think I might be the social media speaker you need at one of your events, please get in touch.

Adam Gray – Social Media Speaker

I recently attended a Professional Speakers Association event which Adam spoke at. And what an impression he made!
Not only is he very informative and inspirational talking when about his topic, but he is also a master of the art of speaking! He is clearly very knowledgeable about Social Media, and yet he can also make it accessible and relevant to those of us who are not. In fact, as someone who is not clued up on Social Media, I found his content to be motivational and educational, whilst his style made it genuinely enjoyable too! I gained a tremendous amount from listening to him.

Katie Hart - PSA Member

It was good to work with Adam on social media, his lecture to our managers was certainly worthwhile, interesting and very informative. I would certainly recommend him to anybody.

Chris Moore - MD of CDG, a Boeing Company

I had the pleasure of keynoting alongside Adam recently and his knowledge and experience of everything ‘social’ is fantastic!! However, when you book a speaker for your event it’s not just on the platform that counts it’s also off stage too and Adam spent much time with the attendees giving them detailed insights and help on how they could progress their ‘social’ media strategy. Adam Gray = Great Speaker! Smashing Guy!

Geoff Ramm, President, PSA