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Why Social Media?

Without doubt social media marketing is one of the great opportunities for businesses to gain competitive advantage. In most areas of marketing, paradigms have been established and protocols set, but not so in the world of social media marketing. I specialise in helping organisations grasp this opportunity and capitalise on it.

Your organisation might well have the necessary skills to be good, perhaps brilliant, at social media marketing but might not have the confidence or structure to really make things happen. From the outset I work with companies to help them plan, resource and implement stunning (in some cases award winning) social media marketing strategies that gain them more recognition, more customers and more sales. If you already have a working social media marketing function it’s important to polish and refine the results that it gets.

Measurement, planning, analysis are crucial tools to help understand what’s working well and what can be improved. With the right tools in place you will be able to know how many opportunities your social media marketing efforts are creating for your business and how much those are worth to you. Understanding this ROI is crucial if you want to know whether your social media marketing is making you money…or costing you!