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Why Choose me?

I specialise in social media marketing where most others don’t. Perhaps it’s a bit mean to say ‘most’, but it seems that lots of ‘experts’ do social media marketing along with a host of other things…IT, PA services, PR, Web Design, Marketing, Adwords…all of which are important, but experts don’t do lots of things they do just one thing and they do it well. I do just one things…and I do it very well.

If you had to go to hospital for an operation would you like to hear the surgeon tell you that he also serviced BMWs and was a qualified IFA? Probably not!

You need only look at most “experts’” social media presence – tiny audiences, little or no content, no engagement – should these people really be advising you on and teaching you how to use these tools?

To be an expert in any area you need to be a specialist and you need to immerse yourself in it and you need to use it effectively yourself. That is exactly what I do. I spend all of my time when I’m not working with clients and audiences reading about the subject, using the various platforms, learning about changes and examining solutions to the problems that you’re going to face.

My expertise and experience in this field is the reason that Pearson (the world’s largest publisher) approached me to write their first book on the subject. “Brilliant Social Media” is available from bookshops now and is a guide for businesses that want to implement social media across their organisations in a safe way.

But success in social media isn’t about me, it’s about you and your commitment to it.

I believe in straight talking and if I don’t think that social media is right for your business at the moment, I’ll tell you. I will be honest with you about the amount of effort you’re going to have to put int and how quickly you will get a return on your investment. I’ve worked with enough organisations to know that good intentions and good results aren’t the same thing – I can usually offer a series of solutions to getting social media adopted throughout your organisation even if there is some resistance.

Then I will show you how to hone your presence so you can be as good as possible. Then it’s down to you, of course I will be there to support and advise if you get stuck, but the great thing about social media is that you don’t have to keep paying agency or consultant fees month after month…